The Command department is ultimately responsible for the ship and its crew, and those within the department are responsible for commanding the vessel and representing the interests of the International Federation of Trekkers.

The Security Department has a three-fold job. The first is to be onsite security for away-missions. During this time they will be responsible for the well-being of crew members, and property of the chapter. Special training is required and offered by the command staff before members can act in this capacity.

Their second mission is to ensure the internal security of the Agamemnon, that all property is secured in its place, that forms requiring a certain level of SECULAR are not made available to members or non-members without proper clearance, and that the general security of information and operations of the chapter are running according to both Starfleet Regulations and to the IFT Bylaws.

They are also in charge of all classified information on board the USS Agamemnon. And lastly, they are responsible for the weapons aboard the Agamemnon

The engineering department is responsible for the maintenance of any technology used by the crew from computers to vehicles and so on. Members of the engineering department will have to choose a specialty and show a working knowledge in that field.

They will also be called upon to teach courses to crew members in the proper use of different technologies, ranging from real-life computers all the way to the Warp Core.

Medical personnel is required to have some kind of medical certification. Such certifications can include Red Cross First Aid and CPR, Paramedic training, and/or search and rescue training. All certifications are subject to verification.

They are also responsible for maintaining the health of the crew of the Agamemnon by seeing that safety regulations are followed, all for away missions. They may also be required to teach courses on health issues.

This department is responsible for research and instruction in all things scientific. A science officer will be expected to choose a field of expertise and study and then will be asked to teach courses of information within that field.

Education is the core of the science department.